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Exterior views of the Associated Television (A.T.V) & Central Television building, Nightclub and abandoned commercial units, Birmingham, UK.

Following extracts from Wikipedia:

A.T.V (as ABC at first) began broadcasting in its own right on Saturday 24 September 1955 (after jointly presenting the network's opening night on Thursday 22 September). The name ATV was first seen in London on Saturday 8 October 1955. The company had won two ITV contracts, the weekend contract for London and the Monday–Friday contract for the Midlands. The latter service opened on 17 February 1956, with ABC providing the weekend programmes.

A.T.V stopped broadcasting at 00:34 on 1 January 1982. The new company's name was registered as Central Independent Television plc and the new logo, advertised as being a UFO, appeared six hours later, on 1 January 1982. Central inherited the studios at ATV Centre, Birmingham and ATV Elstree along with land that ATV Midlands had purchased for their new Nottingham studio centre.

The Broad Street site was in use until 1997 although two of the production studios had been 'mothballed' in the early 1990s as demand for production studios fell. The former ATV Centre is currently in the process of being demolished to be replaced by the Arena Central development. The Alpha Tower will survive as it is a listed building.

A documentary exists about the Broad Street studios complex. Entitled 'From ATVLand In Colour' (referring to the nickname used on Tiswas*, and the building being purpose-built for colour broadcasting), the documentary features presenters, actors, announcers and behind-the-scenes staff talking about their time working in the studios, and the programmes that were made there.

*Tizwas on Youtube*

Future Sun
40"x30" C41 type print
Coast 2 Coast
40"x30" C41 type print
Every Mood
40"x30" C41 type print
Polygon side entrance
40"x30" C41 type print
Central TV Reception
40"x30" C41 type print 1st edition
40"x30" C41 type print
Central TV Loading Bay
40"x30" C41 type print
car park interior window feature
40"x30" C41 type print
car park lower deck
40"x30" C41 type print
car park decks
40"x30" C41 type print
Mustards Coffee Lounge
40"x30" C41 type print 1st edition
west facing windows
40"x30" C41 type print
40"x30" C41 type print
Reversal of Fortune
40"x30" C41 type print
white red
40"x30" C41 type print
Fire Exit
40"x30" C41 type print